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What are three different types of tubs that exist?

The freestanding tub has been a popular bathroom accessory for many years. It can be moved almost anywhere in a bathroom and stands on its own. Many people long to have one of these fashionable and comfortable tubs, and we can fit one into almost any space.

A garden tub is another option. It is bigger than the average tub and is a great investment if you enjoy taking baths. We can make sure that you have the right tub for your bathroom that you will enjoy using.

We also install the common alcove tub. This tub is what most people have in their homes. It has a three-walled enclosure and can be combined with a shower.

What are the different types of showers?

Digital showers are a great purchase to make. You can enjoy having one of these modern inventions installed into your bathroom so that you can digitally control the temperature of your water and much more with ease.

You can also choose to have an electric shower that will instantly give you hot water. An electric shower is an energy efficient option too. Power showers are another option. They will give you a high flow rate of water. We look forward to installing the best shower for your specific situation.

Finally, we recommend having a detailed discussion with your technician to plan how the final product will shape up.

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