Replacing a Toilet

Replacing a toilet can seem like a daunting task especially if you’re not a very handy person. As it turns out it is a simple task that will only take you a few hours from start to finish. To begin you will need some supplies as well as a few tools detailed in the list below.


• Work Gloves
• Putty knife
• Safety glasses
• Rag
• Sponge
• Tape measure
• Towel
• Adjustable wrench
• Bucket


• New toilet
• Wax seal
• Garbage bags


Measuring For Your New Toilet

First you are going to want to measure for a new toilet. Start by measuring from your back wall to the toilet bolts secured to the floor. Make sure to measure the distance from the water supply to the base of the toilet as some toilets have a wider base and wont fit. You will also have to decide the shape of your toilet bowl. Most bowls are elongated in order to assure comfort but if your toilet is in a tight space you could have to buy a round bowl. Once you have your replacement toilet it is time to remove the old one.

Removing Your Old Toilet

Turning off your water supply: Step 1

Turn off the water supply connected to the toilet the flush the tank. If there is any leftover water in the tank you can use your sponge to remove what is left and drain it into the bucket.

Removing your old toilet tank: Step 2

Now you will disconnect the water supply line from the tank. Place your bucket underneath to drain any excess water in the line as well as the tank. Then unscrew the nuts on the bottom of the tank and remove it from the toilet.

Removing your toilet bowl: Step 3

Now you will use your sponge to drain the excess water from the toilet bowl into the bucket. After the water has been drained loosen the nuts that hold the toilet in place and lift it off the bolts and onto a garbage bag.

Wax ring removal: Step 4

Use your putty knife to remove the old wax ring. Wax rings cannot be reused so make sure you have a new one. Continue to use your putty knife and remove any excess wax around the flange. Once clean stuff a rag in the hole to block any sewer gasses and prevent anything from falling down the drain. Now remove the old closet bolts from the flange.

Repairing or replacing your old flange: Step 5

Now you can choose whether to repair the old flange or to replace it. Make sure the flange is always a little higher than the floor in order to get a proper seal with the new toilet. If it is to low, you can purchase a taller wax ring or a flange spacer to make sure you get a tight seal.

Now that your old toilet is removed, and your flange is prepared for the new one its time to begin installation.



Installing Your New Toilet

Installing closet bolts: Step 1

Install the new closet bolts by putting them into the hole located on the flange. If your bolts came with washers and nuts use them to tighten down the bolts to make it easier to set the new toilet in place.

Applying a new wax ring: Step 2

Take your new toilet and place it upside down on a towel. Take your new wax ring and run it under some warm water to soften it up. Now press it onto the outlet on the bottom of the toilet.

Creating a toilet seal: Step 3

Now you will remove the rag from the toilet drain. Proceed to set the toilet onto the closet bolts. Try to lower it as straight as possible onto the flange to keep the wax ring from being damaged. Once lowered onto the flange press down firmly to make the seal tight.

Bolting your toilet to the floor: Step 4

Take the washer and put them onto the closet bolts and then use the nuts to tighten down the bowl. Cut off the remaining excess bolt and apply the base caps.

Preparing a toilet tank for installation: Step 5

Begin to prepare the tank for installation by flipping it over and install the bolts that will secure the tank to the bowl. Now you can install the rubber gasket onto the bottom of the tank as well.

Installing your toilet tank: Step 6

Gently set the tank onto the bowl and hand tighten the nuts onto the bolts. Use a wrench and tighten both sides equally while alternating. Make sure not to tighten to much or you will crack the tank. Hook up the water supply to the tank.

Check for leaks: Step 7

Turn on the water and allow the tank to fill while keeping an eye out for any leaks. If you spot any tighten the bolts a little more. Flush the toilet a few times to make sure everything is working properly. If there are any leaks around the base of the toilet you will have to replace the wax ring.

Installing your toilet seat: Step 8

The final step is to install your toilet seat by putting the bolts through the holes located on the bowl. Now tighten them and take the lid and place it onto the tank and your new toilet is ready to go.



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