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Sump pumps are crucial in keeping water out of the basement of your home. At Gwinnett Area Plumbers, we provide expert sump pump repairs and installations in Lawrenceville and surrounding Gwinnett area. Take a look at our client reviews to see what your neighbors are saying about our work!

Pumping water out of a home is the best way to keep your basement dry. The sump pump sends water from a basement to another location outside the home. The unit is placed in a sump pit used to contain any excess groundwater or rainwater.

Types of Sump Pumps

When it comes to installing a new sump pump, you have many options to choose from.

Pedestal sump pump: This type of sump pump is often referred to as an upright sump pump. The pump motor is at the top of a column that is connected to the casing for the pump. A typical unit will sit above the sump pit and the basement floor. The motor needs to be placed above the floor, as it is not protected from damage that is caused by water.

Submersible sump pump: A sump pump that is submersible will fit inside the sump pit. The motor for the unit is kept inside a watertight enclosure to protect it from damage. This type of sump pump detects the water levels. A submersible pump will not be seen when a cover is placed over the sump pit.

Water-powered sump pump: A sump pump that runs on water is a better option than a pedestal and submersible device. This device runs on well water or city water instead of electricity. If your home has the correct water pressure to run a water-powered sump pump, then this may be an option to consider. Another option is to install a water-powered backup. This will continue to power a conventional sump pump when the power goes out.

Battery-powered backup: A sump pump with a battery backup will be able to continue running if the electricity goes out. Regular sump pumps will run on electricity and will stop running when the power stops. If a sump pump stops working, flooding will likely result. A battery-powered backup is designed to activate when the electricity goes out.

What are some common problems with this device?

As with all moving parts, sump pumps can have issues that prevent proper function.  The most common problem is power failure, addressed by either having a home generator to provide power or a backup sump pump that can hold the line until the electricity returns.

Sometimes, the switch in the sump pump that tells it when to pump the water out of the sump basin can become stuck, preventing the pump from activating. This is most common with inexpensive sump pumps with cheap switches.

If the pump you purchased was insufficient for the job at hand, it might simply become overwhelmed. Consult an expert to make sure the pump you are installing can work as hard as you need it to. Pumps can also lose effectiveness over time, so a pump that was strong enough in years past might not be up to the task now.

Finally, in cold winters, an improper discharge system can allow water to freeze within the pipe. This blocks the pipe and prevents any water from actually being removed from the sump basin, eventually flooding your basement.

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