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sewer line repairs Loganville, sewer line repairs Monroe GAYour sewer drain problems are no problem for our experienced plumbers. As licensed plumbers, we understand how your sewer drains work, and know the best possible solution to make any sewer drain clog problem disappear. With the help of our sewer drain line video camera, we easily locate and detect the cause of sewer drain problems.

Do you have a sewer drain that is tree root infested and overflows occasionally?

Trees are not the problem when you have a tree root infested sewer drain. The design flaws with the sewer drain are the real problem. Years ago engineers introduced clay tile sewer drain pipe.

This is a great product and still works well today… we have even dug up clay sewer drains that are over 75 years old and the sewer drain pipe is still good. However, the problem with these clay sewer drain pipes is the way they connect to each other.

This pipe interlocks with a bell and spigot design where on one end the sewer drain pipe is larger so it goes over another piece. It makes sense, but over time, gaps occur in the interlocked sewer drain pipes.

What Causes Sewer Line Damage?

The following situations can disrupt the integrity of sewer lines:

  • Substandard piping materials: These often corrode and deteriorate quickly.
  • Leaking pipe joints: This is a common problem caused by a disruption in the seal where sections of pipe have been fitted together.
  • Grease buildup: Clogged sewer lines from grease buildup and other foreign matter can stop sewer line flow, requiring repairs.
  • Bellied pipes: A pipe that has a section that dips below the line of the other piping is called a bellied pipe. Bellied pipes can collect paper waste and other materials that slow or interrupt water flow.
  • Soil shifts: Shifting soils and ground that freezes and thaws can cause pipes to offset, shift, crack, break, or completely collapse.
  • Invasive tree roots: Pipes that are buried near trees can incur problems with aggressive roots that sink into the pipes, causing damage and blockage.
  • Corrosion: Broken, cracked, and leaking pipes can also be caused by corrosion.

If the damage can be repaired without digging a trench, our professionals will be able to begin repairing the sewer line immediately. The entire process can be completed much faster and with less cost to you. Furthermore, there will be no damage to your yard, making life possible to resume to normal as soon as we repair the line.

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