Gas Water Heaters

Installation & Repair

As we begin to experience the first hints of winter here in Atlanta, it’s time to think of you favorite home improvement task….your water heater!

Ok, maybe it’s not the first thing you think of on your “honey do” list, but let’s face it, your water heater is pretty important to the overall functioning of your home. People tend to call us here at Gwinnett Area Plumbers pretty quickly when their water heater goes on the fritz.

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Gas Water Heaters Vs Electric

 Few people think about their water heater until it isn’t working. It’s at that point that a water heater becomes one of the most important appliances in the home. When you think about how heating water in your home can represent just under 20% of your utility bill, making the wrong decision can really cost you in the long run. To help in your research, we thought we’d put our two cents in on a question we get asked all the time- which is better- a gas water heater or an electric one?

We warn you. There are way more similarities than differences.

In fact, we’ll end the suspense. The quickest way to decide which type of water heater to get is to look at what type of power you already have. If you already have a gas water heater, go with that.

Gas water heaters cost a little more to install but can save you a little more on your energy bill over the years. So, your cost of operation for gas water heaters are typically lower.

Another commonly known benefit to having a gas water heater is that the water tends to heat up quicker which is an added plus when you’re wanting a warm shower on a cold day. People showering behind you also tend to still have hot water since the recovery time is less for a gas powered water heater.

Gas Water Heater Installation

Most home improvement gurus will tell you that to try and tackle installing a water heater of any kind is really a bad idea. Not that it can’t be done, but most people don’t have the skills that a plumber has. Over the years we’ve been in the plumbing business around Gwinnett, we’ve gotten quite a few calls from homeowners who have tried to take on water heater installation. Let’s just say it doesn’t always go so well on your own. It’s a lot easier to give us a call.

Water Heater Repair

Like any home appliance, gas water heaters break down at roughly the same rate an any other type, but the life expectancy on them is around 10 years or more. There are some brands we recommend over others, but for the most part, most water heaters last a good while.

The plumbers at Gwinnett Area Plumbing are always standing by ready to help you with any water heater issues. Whether you feel your water heater is on its last leg or it’s already kicked the bucket, we’ll be there when you need us. We’ll provide an honest quote and get you back in hot water in no time.


We provide full service plumbing services- including water heater installation & repair all around Gwinnett including Loganville, Snellville, Grayson, Monroe, Duluth, Lawrenceville, Suwanee, Duluth, Buford and Norcross. Call us whenever you need help with your water heater!

Call Gwinnett Area Plumbers at (770) 972-1970 and we’ll help you with your water heater and let you know if we can repair it or it’ll need to be replaced. Click here to learn more about 

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