Electric Water Heaters

 Installation & Repair

Just as winter hints its presence in the air, all the local homeowners naturally begin to think of all the home improvement tasks. You can count on one thing- your electric water heater usually doesn’t make the list.

Water heaters are the most ignored appliances in your home. Most of us never think about them until they stop working. Then, it’s a real problem because most of us enjoy using hot water. That’s when people tend to call our plumbers.

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The Workhorse Of Water Heaters

Electric Water heaters are, for many homeowners, the first and only choice when it comes to replacing this major home appliance. When deciding on a new water heater, the first thing to consider is what type of power you have running through your home. When your home was initially built, does it have electric or gas. If you already have an electric water heater, then the chances are you’ll stick with that choice rather than pay to have your home reconfigured.

Electric Water Heater Installation

Most home improvement experts will tell you that taking on the task of installing a water heater in your home by yourself is a really bad idea. We’re not saying that you can’t knock it out, but most people would rather just call a plumber instead. We think that’s a wise idea.

Over all of the years we’ve been in the plumbing business around Gwinnett, we’ve gotten quite a few calls from homeowners who have tried to take on water heater installation. Let’s just say it doesn’t always go so well on your own. It’s a lot easier to give us a call.

Water Heater Repair

Like any home appliance, electric water heaters eventually break down. There are some brands we recommend over others, but for the most part, most water heaters last a good while.

The plumbers at Gwinnett Area Plumbing are always standing by ready to help you with any water heater issues. Whether you feel your water heater is on its last leg or it’s already kicked the bucket, we’ll be there when you need us. We’ll provide an honest quote and get you back in hot water in no time.

Our Service Area

While we’re located in Loganville, we provide expert plumbing services to homes and businesses all throughout the Gwinnett County area. We have happy customers in BufordBerkeley LakeDaculaDuluthGraysonLilburnLawrencevilleLoganvilleMonroeNorcrossPeachtree CornersSuwaneeSugar Hill, and more. Even if you’re outside of our service area, give us a call and let us show you what customer service looks like from your local plumbing company.

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